KARIGAR is a partnership enterprise, established in the year 2006, engaged in producing leather goods and Jute products and Footwear such as ladies bags, Jewellery box wallets, Lady’s & Gent’s sandal .

Leather and Jute are used as basic raw material. Sundry items (partly imported by commercial enterprises) are locally purchased. At this moment, 80% producers are locally sold and 20% is exported and efforts are underway to embark on more expert businesses.

Background: Local and International leather market has gone through several interesting changes in the past decades whereas Bangladesh is in the same position as it was in past. Though there is a strong possibility to expand leather sector but lacking of technological experience and education is the main barrier of this sector. As a Leather products Engineers we feel it from the deep of our heart and had inspired to do business as we have both theoretical and practical knowledges.

After completing the degree B.Sc. in leather product engineering from the University of Dhaka, we have established a small enterprise and we supervise the production quality and the managerial matters with our other team members.




At this moment, 80% producers are locally sold and 20% is exported and efforts are underway to embark on more export businesses.

International Market:

We are trying to expand our export market. We are working with some of our clients who are from Italy, France, Germany, Japan, USA &UK.

For creating buyers and to expose our design & quality we are trying to attend various trade fairs. For this in co-operation of LSBPC & ITC we attend the MIPEL – 2008 fair in Milan in Italy.                  

Local Market:

We are working with different corporate offices, fashion houses and also for local markets.

  1. British American Tobacco Bangladesh
  2. Sony Ericsson
  3. Kay Kraft
  4. Orion Group
  5. Biswas Builders Ltd
  6. Chevron Bangladesh
  7. MSP International
  8. People’s Group
  9. Koshba Housing
  10. Basic Bank ltd
  11. Aarong
  12. Amin Mohammad Group



1) Trade License no -0311211

2) TIN no – 193-3001763

3) VAT no – 9051034816

4) ERC no – 0091402

5) Member of Bangla craft



One of our Managing Partner Ms. Tania Wahab has got national SME women entrepreneurship award – 2008 & DHL, Daily Star women entrepreneurship award.